Orlando Trip

Each year, the Ohr Meir Foundation provides an all expense paid adventure to children who need it most. Fifty children from across the United States and Canada are whisked away from their daily regimen of chemotherapy treatments and hospital stays for a four day magical trip to Orlando.

Each day of the trip is a colorful whirlwind of fun and surprise. As soon as they arrive in Orlando, each child is gifted with his or her own digital camera to capture and relive every magical moment. The day is jam-packed with thrilling escapades: shopping sprees at Toys R Us, personal meet-and-greets with Disney/Universal characters, nightly concerts, and elaborate banquets. The children are taken to four different amusement parks- Sea World, Universal Studios, and Islands of Adventure and Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

With medical personnel on hand to make certain that every child has his or her needs met, and a one-to-one ratio of counselor to child, the children are free to be children again, without the cloud of worry that has become their daily companion. The Ohr Meir Web site recounts every moment of the trip in real time, using Twitter accounts, uploaded pictures, and daily reports, to enable parents miles away to rest assured that their children are well cared for and having the time of their lives.

Since its inception 21 years ago, Ohr Meir has brought more than 900 cancer children to Disney World and its surrounding theme parks.