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About Ohr Meir

The OHR MEIR FOUNDATION was established in May 1994 in memory of Meir Friedman, a 10 year old boy who lost a valiant seven year battle with leukemia. His parents, Ari and Idy wanted to create an everlasting remembrance, and after consulting with physicians, professionals and friends that experienced similar nightmares, they decided to establish The Ohr Meir Foundation. OHR MEIR is dedicated to bringing a feeling of joy and hope to the hearts of sick children by giving them a break from their rigorous treatment schedules.

OHR MEIR through a variety of programs, coordinates and sponsors various trips throughout the year ranging from a night out on the town, out of state teen trips, to our annual trip to Disney World and other theme parks in Orlando.

OHR MEIR’s flagship program is its annual Orlando Trip, where these children are whisked out of reality for four unimaginable magical days in Magic Kingdom, Island of Adventure, Universal Studios and Sea World. Their activities continue well into the night with special performances, private concerts, private Mickey and Minnie photo shoots, and the beautiful nightly Chanukah candle lighting. OHR MEIR flies around 50 children in from all over the United States, and Canada, accompanied by a complete support staff including counselors, oncologists, nurses, kitchen staff, and more. The children are showered with VIP treatment, and endless gifts and surprises.

The difference these trips have made in the children’s lives is immeasurable. Their focus is on Mickey Mouse and not the chemotherapy treatments. It takes their minds off the fear that no one dares mention, and makes them feel special. They now have dreams to look forward to and happy memories to look back upon. Suddenly there is a light in their dark tunnel. It may not be the daylight we all wish for, but it is nonetheless a bright light that glows for a very long time.

OHR MEIR prides itself in having absolutely no overhead or administrative costs, with 100% of every dollar donated going directly to benefit the children and their families. OHR MEIR is comprised of an all volunteer staff- including physicians and others- all recognizing and joining in the self less devotion and purpose of the OHR MEIR FOUNDATION.