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This year a new group of amazing children and teens will set out to Orlando for the trip of a lifetime. This isn’t just another trip to Orlando. It is a VIP version of the best of Orlando, closely monitored by a team of leading doctors and nurses, serving the kids who need it most. Packed with endless surprises, VIP treatment and unprecedented programming, over 50 children from across the United States and Canda are whisked away from their daily regimen of chemotherapy treatments and hospital stays for a four day magical trip. Since its inception 22 years ago, Ohr Meir has brought more than a thousand cancer children to Disney World and its surrounding theme parks.The Ohr Meir Foundation provides this all-expense paid adventure free of charge and is supported by an army of volunteer medical staff, counselors, logistics specialists, corporate donors and others, who pick up the “Ohr Meir Challenge” to make the impossible into reality.