Magical Toy Store

The children burst through the doors with incredible energy and excitement as they grabbed toys off the shelves and filled their carts as high as the sky.

Magical’ Pop-up Toy Store

A pop-up Magical Toy Store springs to life transforming a 30,000 ft venue into every kid’s dream come true. As the doors fly open, children adorned with face paint excitedly rush towards their shopping carts or leap onto the checkout counters. Beach balls are tossed over the aisles while shelves brim with a limitless selection of toys. Beloved characters greet them with enthusiasm and encouragement. Kids are the stars here – jumping on the counters as music blasts, dancing through the aisles, and picking out all the toys they could ever want. Kids with Cancer Visit ‘Magical’ Pop-up Toy Store Created by Ohr Meir Foundation

Not an Ordinary Toy Store

Our motto is “Dreams happen” and our goal is to blow the kids’ minds with endless magic and surprises. Ohr Meir makes the impossible happen and transforms the ballroom in our hotel into the most amazing Magical Toy Store ever created! Complete with retail shelving, checkout counters, cash registers, shopping carts, “employees” and loads of crazy fun!

Spontaneous Nerf gun fights, racing, and laughter echoing to the beat of lively music makes every child’s dream come to life and their inner selves shine through. A train can appear chugging through the aisles to take smiling kids to the check-out line. In this spellbinding toy store, anything goes, enthusiasm fills the air and every moment brims with magic and joy! We push the envelope and make the Magical Toy Store even better every year.


As the kids check out, the fun is only beginning! Kids are encouraged to leap on the counters and jump as high as the sky! Lights flash and a “jump meter” appears while everyone cheers and encourages them to jump jump jump! The louder you cheer and the higher they jump the higher the meter rises to the top! Together, in this whirlwind of joy, we’re keeping the magic alive, creating unforgettable moments of pure happiness and laughter for these courageous kids. Each child goes home with a wagon full of toys. The children’s check out receipts, with the Magical Toy Store logo printed on top- has the value of the toys they picked, followed by “you pay $0”.

Every Kid’s Dream

Every kid likes toys. Kids don’t like rules. What if a Magical place existed where you can have all the toys and none of the rules?!

Ohr Meir makes the impossible a reality in the Magical Toy Store!

Every day is a blowout sale and acting crazy is part of the fun!

Magical Toy Store

On Monday the 26th of November 46 children with cancer got to experience the most amazing toy store event ever, just half a mile from the gates of Disney World. The store was called, appropriately, the ‘Magical Toy Store’. Ohr Meir took the ballroom of their hotel and transformed it – complete with retail gondola shelving, checkout counters, specially-equipped laptops as cash registers, shopping carts, and “employees”.

The entire staff of the old Toys R Us store in Orlando Florida, including recent manager Victor Perez and previous manager John Locke, all volunteered to take an off-day from their new employment to serve the children. They were the store’s “employees” handling the announcements and helping to check the children out after they completed their shopping.

A toy store needs toys

A toy store needs toys- and toys it has- thousands of them! Toys are displayed in over 800 feet of shelving in a magnificent toy store display. Endless toys from headsets to electronics, top brands of the latest dolls and cars, all the sports equipment you can ever dream of! Whether it’s slime, video games, swag, basketball hoops, drones, or stuffed animals, this fantasy toy store has it all!