The highlight of the trip is our Magical Toy Store event. We build our own pop-up toy store for a day, full of toys and crazy interactive fun. Our Magical Toy Store is the most unique shopping experience ever created and features hundreds of feet of shelving and thousands of the year’s hottest toys. Theres’s music, dancing on the counters, NERF gun fights and much more. The children get to fill their shopping carts high with all their favorite toys! The energy in the room is exhilarating and empowering. The children transform, letting out their true personalities and become alive with fun! 



HOPE: $36,000

One of the most expensive parts of the trip is the flights. We fly children & counselors from across the United States & Canada into Florida for four fun, unimaginable days.


The crescendo of the trip! On the third night we transform the dining room into a magical ballroom. The walls are draped, professionally lit, and the tables are set with beautiful dishes, tablecloths, and centerpieces. The effect is magical! Everyone is dressed in Prince & Princess costumes and each child is mesmerized as they are personally greeted and ushered through the royal entrance. We have a surprise live action show in our ballroom with all the Disney Princesses and characters, followed by tons of interaction and selfie taking. After dinner, we have the awards ceremony where everyone is given special awards and more magical gifts.

4 THEME PARKS: $18,000 Per park

We take the children to a different magical theme park each day- Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Sea World, Islands of Adventure, and Universal Studios. 4 days 4 exiting parks!


After supper on the final night, we have our very own professional private fireworks show at our hotel. The children are blown away and the show puts them “over the top”. The Disney Prince & Princesses join the children and sit with them as they watch the show. There is not a dry eye.



CHILL: $10,000

Monday late night, after the dance party, we have a special Poolside Chill event for the teens. This is a very powerful evening as teens get to unwind and connect with each other on a deep personal level. Everyone is uplifted by the live music and song while sitting around a bonfire. 


The entire trip from beginning to end- and every child- is videoed and photographed endlessly so that they will have beautiful memories to look back upon and relive their dream. These are the most treasured possessions of the children and we continuously hear from parents how these memories get them through their hard times.


On the last night of the trip – after the Magical Ball & fireworks- the children get to watch a fully edited video of their first 3 days on the trip! This is unexpected and blows them away! Around two months after the trip, every child receives an amazing fully edited video of the trip. The video is over an hour long and covers every single aspect of the trip and once again takes them down memory lane and helps them relive the dream they experienced.

Photo Albums

On the last day of the trip, each child is given their own personal album full of their pictures. Each album has 100 pictures included which we develop and sort each night before placing them in the albums.


A month following the trip each child receives in the mail a beautiful hardcover “memory scrapbook” of their trip. This photobook takes them down memory lane and helps them relive the trip from beginning to end.


Each morning the children are greeted with an entire team of professional makeup artists, nail artists, caricature artists, and balloon artists- to give their mornings a complete fun makeover that gets them excited for the day ahead. Every child gets their faces professionally painted each day, and it sets the tone for the fun that’s in store.




One morning prior to going to the theme park we make a one hour stop over at Dave & Buster’s Arcade- exclusive to us- where the children get unlimited tokens and credits to enjoy some of the world’s best arcade games…getting their adrenaline going as the day gets off to an action-packed start!


Monday night we have an amazing concert & dance party with our very own DJ. There’s dancing, singing and lots of fun! Monday night is also Superhero night and we have all the famous superheroes join and dance with us at the concert!


Mickey & Minnie Mouse themed dinner, with a special visit from Mickey & Minnie themselves!


Superhero themed dinner, with a special visit from the children’s favorite superheroes!